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It's not just about guitars here!

I also teach popular music theory and practice.

Here we'll play all instruments - keyboards, guitars, bass as well as computer instruments such as programming drums and orchestras etc. We'll learn composition skills and record original songs written by the student or make copies of your favourite existing songs and see how close we can get them!

This can also be included in regular guitar lessons where students can write their own songs or make their own backing tracks for further practice. 

... and pricing is the same as guitar lessons:

Daytime (9 - 3pm) - £12 per half hour or £20 per hour.

Afternoon/evening (after 3pm) - £15 per half hour or £25 per hour.

Because of the studio based nature of these lessons I can do them remotely, they have to be done in person at my home studio in Cam. 

To book or to ask questions use the (first) contact form above.


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