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As well as providing guitar lessons in Gloucestershire I also wrote some books! The Guitar Explorium books are available from Amazon in all areas (English Print Only). They are fully standalone or can be used in conjunction with the video courses on Youtube and this site. 

Book of Knowledge

Book of Knowledge Cover

The 'Book of Knowledge' is an all in one guide to playing the guitar. From first chords to complete neck knowledge - there's potentially years of information in here. 

This book is a great companion to the Guitar Fundamentals course.

Essential Scales and Modes

Essential Scales and Modes cover

Essential Scales and Modes assumes the information from the Book of Knowledge and broadens your knowledge of scales and modes

This book will also accompany the Scales and Modes course when released in full. 

The Guitar Ideas Journal

Guitar Ideas Journal Cover

A guitar notebook containing pages of blank tab, chord boxes and fretboard diagrams for song writing or guitar study. 

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