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Moon Clouds

Who am I?

Stuar Hall Guitar Teacher Dursley

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! I don't really do 'shouting about myself' or gratuitous self promotion so I'll just give you the Cliff-notes.


I've been a guitar and music teacher in the Dursley, Gloucestershire area for the last 21 years teaching kids, teenagers, adults, retirees, you name it, I've taught it!(?)


I've also written a couple of tuition books, see Books link above, and I'm currently working on a third, watch this space! (actually don't watch this space, it'll be in the Books link above, watch that space!). 

I've had a plethora of experience being in a few bands over the years, played a lot of live shows and recorded on a few CD's, Yep CD's! those were the days! Actually, now I think about it, my first release was on a tape! Yikes! Anyway... I now put teaching at the forefront of my 'things I like to do' list (because I'm clearly very old!)

I still record instrumental demo's occasionally, you can find them on spotify here or on any of your other favourite streaming services - they're not really ready for human consumption, but should you be interested they're there!

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