Guitar Lessons For Everyone

As a guitar teacher it's always bothered me that some people simply can't afford guitar lessons. Music education in schools has also taken a hit with school no longer funding individual instrument lessons. The Guitar Explorium was formed in the hope of getting proper 20-30 minute lessons out to enthusiastic guitar players - no short cuts - no quick fixes - just proper guitar lessons as if you were sitting in the room with the instructor, but without the fees.

How is that possible?

Good question. Your donation makes it possible. 

I like to think of it as a pay if forward scheme.  If you watch a lesson and get some value from it please, if you can, feel free to donate any amount. Consider this like helping to pay for the next student who watches the video who may otherwise not have been able to afford the lesson. 


Your donation then goes to help fund the next batch of courses and to improve the quality of the current lessons. Everything on this site is constantly monitored, updated and honed with student feedback and as technology progresses.

So please, if you have the means, help support the Guitar Explorium and let's inspire and educate together.