Home Lessons

When Covid restrictions allow home lessons are available.

They are much the same as online lessons except that being in person allows for a bit more interaction and generally a bit more impulsiveness.

Covid Specific stuff

Even when I can do home lessons any current Covid safe restriction will apply.


With regard to current restrictions we will only have enough room for one person to have 6ft distancing so unfortunately I can't accommodate groups or parents of students. (DBS check available)

For your wellbeing there is a protective shield between us for the duration of the lesson and hand sanitiser is provided - doors will also be opened for you so you wont actually need to touch anything. The area is also cleaned between students and facemasks are welcome but not compulsory as of me typing this.

Also unfortunately my bathroom will be off limits so please don't turn up desperate to pee!

Half an hour lessons are £13

Hour lessons £25